About our designs

On March 27, 2019, Designs by JuJu purchased MillyMellyDesigns! Welcome to "Designs by JuJu Plus". We are glad you stopped by!

At MillyMellyDesigns we only sell ITH, semi-ITH and matching appliqué designs.

We specialize in designs that 'match', so you can make great gift sets with them!



We draw all designs ourself and we try to think for you.

Lots of our customers have a shop, online or a brick one and they love to make cute, easy, but good looking items for their customers.


MillyMellyDesigns tries to be better with each design we create.

Older designs are 'redone' one by one.

We want our customers to be happy and we try to provide great quality designs to you.


What you can expect from our designs/service:

  • Nice stitches
  • Less jump stitches
  • Less cuts
  • Not too many colors
  • Step by step tutorials with lots of full color pictures
  • Fabrics list with sizes
  • We are happy to help you anytime you need our help
  • Wider appliqué stitches
  • Great tack-down appliqué stitches
  • Extra stitches on top of the satin stitches
  • No-tear-out-of-hoop with an extra last step that doesn't need to be embroidered (only newest designs).


We admit, our newest designs are the best!

But we will try to redo some of the older designs (that are also not bad!), so they match the quality of the newer ones one by one.

We want our customers to be happy, nothing more, nothing less.


Sometimes customers ask: "what was your very first ITH design ever"?

The quick answer is, this one:





We still sell it in our shop! Type 'duck' in the search function at the top of the page.